Help Resolving an Issue with a Federal Agency


There are many ways Senator Burr can help North Carolinians resolve a problem with or obtain assistance from a federal agency.  Due to the provisions in the Privacy Act of 1974 (Title 5, Section 552A of the U.S. Code), before our office can make an inquiry on your behalf, you must first give your permission by submitting a casework Privacy Act Form.

Please submit your contact information in the form below and one of Senator Burr’s constituent advocates will be in touch with you to assist you in obtaining the proper release form.

If you are a North Carolina resident stationed at a military base outside of the state, please include your home of record in the text of your message.  If you are not a resident of North Carolina but are contacting us about a relative who lives in our state, please include their home address in the text of your message.

In the meantime, please call Senator Burr’s office in Winston-Salem if you have any questions. The call is toll free to North Carolinians: 800-685-8916.


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