February 27, 2012 - 10:25 AM

WFMY - Sen. Richard Burr's Plan To Lower Gas Prices

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Sen. Richard Burr's Plan To Lower Gas Prices
Written by Sierra Moore

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Greensboro, NC -- When the national average for gas jumps $0.11 in a week, it could make you reconsider vacations for stay-cations.

GOP candidates for president have used the high gas prices as a political tool in the past several weeks. Experts say it's all about supply and demand. We asked Sen. Burr if Congress can do something to lower the price of gas. He said yes.

"What we've got to do is we've got to take more responsibility here at home. We've got to explore. We've got to produce what reserves we have, but we've also got to make major shifts. We should use more natural gas for a mobile fuel with 18-wheel vehicles, and we should do conservation as much as we can. This is an issue that's going to drive our economy, not just our personal economies."

Sen. Burr said he will start the amendment process next week on the transportation bill that he said relates to natural gas being a more flexible fuel.

Another point of interest the senator made was that the U.S. needs an up-to-date energy policy.

"It's been three decades since we've had an energy policy, and it's hard to invision how the American people will buy into where we're going if we don't have a plan that shows them where that is," said Burr.

He said when it comes to gas pricing is all about supply and demand.

"Right now we've had four refineries closed on the east coast because they couldn't get permitted to upgrade those facilities. So, it means we've shrunk the number of refineries that produce gasoline."