Burr Continues Call for Up-or-Down Vote on Judicial Nominees

Remains hopeful for bipartisan resolution in the Senate

May 19, 2005

Senator Richard Burr today took to the floor of the United States Senate to urge his colleagues to allow all federal judicial nominations supported by a majority of Senators an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.

"There is no doubt in my mind that I was sent here to do what the people of North Carolina heard me say that I would do, and that was to work hard and to accomplish solutions to real problems," Burr told his colleagues. "There is no doubt in my mind the task includes ensuring that the Senate provides judicial nominees an up-or-down vote."

In calling for a resolution on the continued obstruction of judicial nominations, Burr added, "I remain hopeful still today that a resolution can be reached. Many of us have worked toward a fair process where all judicial nominees with majority support, regardless of party, receive an up-or-down vote."

Earlier in the day, Burr led six of his Senate Freshman colleagues in a press conference to discuss the current impasse on judicial nominations.

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