Senator Burr Announces Rural Development Funding for Whitakers

Funds will improve sewer system and waste disposal

May 5, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Richard Burr today announced a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development grant of $1,097,000 and a $637,000 USDA Rural Development loan for the Town of Whitakers. USDA Rural Development's Water and Waste Disposal program awarded the federal funding, which will improve rural disposal of sewage.

"Clean water and proper waste disposal are critical to keeping our citizens healthy and safe," said Senator Burr. "Whitakers will receive timely assistance in expanding access to clean water with this money."

The federal funding will assist Whitakers officials in bringing the town's sewer system into compliance with State water quality standards, benefiting 376 residential water customers and 350 sewer customers by ensuring that waste is disposed of safely in their community.

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