Senator Burr Votes Against Cloture on Immigration Reform Bill

June 28, 2007

U.S. Senator Richard Burr today voted against cloture on S.1639, the Senate immigration reform bill, citing a limited amendment process and insufficient time for debate on the Senate floor. Burr voted against cloture on S.1348, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, three weeks ago.

"I believe immigration reform is a critical issue that deserves a full debate in the Senate," Burr said. "Unfortunately, the Majority Leader has limited debate on this bill to two days and that is just wrong. Many amendments that would have improved this package were disregarded. Americans deserve to see Congress openly and fairly debate immigration reform. The issue is just too important.

"This legislation, if passed, would only worsen the immigration crisis our country is now facing. Fixing our broken immigration system should be a top priority. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that if we don't secure our borders, ten million more illegal immigrants will move into the United States over the next twenty years. This bill as currently written will not fix our immigration system.

"In the immediate future, we must enforce the laws already on the books. The Senate should pass the reasonable parts of this bill that have broad bi-partisan support."