Senator Burr Statement on Hurricane Irene

August 28, 2011

While the worst of Hurricane Irene has passed through North Carolina, we are now faced with the challenge of dealing with the destruction and damage the storm left in its wake.My staff and I remain in constant contact with officials at the local, state, and federal levels to assess the damage that was done and find ways to help those who were affected by the storm.I encourage all North Carolinians in need of assistance to contact my offices in Winston-Salem, Wimington, or Rocky Mount to let us know what we can do to help.My staff and I will do all we can to provide aid to the individuals and communities who were impacted by Hurricane Irene.I also encourage anyone needing assistance to register with FEMA once their operations are up and running.

Many counties in the eastern part of our state continue to face widespread power outages, flooding, and wind damage.I am confident in the ability of our local, state, and federal responders to address community needs, and I know the strength of our citizens and communities will have everyone back on their feet soon.I urge all North Carolinians to heed the advice and requests of local officials and stay off roads to allow emergency responders to get to affected areas.

For more information on disaster relief, visit for finding community health and human service resources or dial 2-1-1 or 1-888-892-1162.