Burr Votes for Senate’s $40 Billion Ukrainian Military Aid Package

May 19, 2022

Today, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), member and former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, voted in favor of the Senate’s $40 billion emergency aid package to support military efforts in Ukraine. The package passed on an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 86-11.  Following the vote, Senator Burr released the following statement: 

“For three months, Ukrainians have heroically fought back against Putin’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of their country. The courage and ferocity shown by the Ukrainian military, government, and everyday citizens denied Putin his quick victory and has successfully pushed Russian troops back from key territories. But Ukraine’s successes have come at a steep and bloody price, and this war is far from over.

“Ukraine hasn’t asked any other nation to fight this war for them, but since day one has asked for the arms, ammunition, and weapons they need to win. This aid package will provide the military support Ukraine desperately needs and help bolster existing military defenses in Europe. Providing this aid is not only morally right, it is vital to U.S. security interests in Europe and throughout the world. I’m proud to have voted for it and I urge the Administration to dispense this support where it is needed as quickly as possible.”