Notice: As of October 1, 2022, we are no longer accepting applications.

Candidates will receive an update regarding their status once Academy Interview Selections are made.  You will be notified of your status by email. 

There are five (5) service academies that offer appointments to highly qualified individuals who meet eligibility requirements and are the most competitive in academic performance, physical fitness, medical standards, extracurricular involvement, leadership traits, motivation and aptitude for military service.

You are encouraged to visit the web sites for each academy to determine their minimum entrance requirements. You may apply online to each academy for which you have interest. Competition is keen for an appointment to these schools, and you should apply early during your junior year in high school.

All service academies, other than the United States Coast Guard Academy, require a nomination from a qualified nominating source in addition to meeting the individual eligibility and entrance requirements for each respective academy. A Congressional nomination is not needed for the United States Coast Guard Academy. Please contact the academy directly at 1-800-883-8724 for more information.


Candidates seeking nomination and appointment to a service academy for the Plebe (freshman) Class must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age and not older than 23 years of age on 1 July of the calendar year of entrance.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Be unmarried and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents.
  • Female applicants cannot be expecting a child.


Each United States Senator and United States Representative may have no more than five (5) people attending each service academy at any given time. Most members of Congress allocate at least one open vacancy per year.

For each vacancy, ten nominations may be submitted to the respective service academy admissions office. Offers of appointment are made by the admissions office on a competitive basis measuring the overall qualifications and eligibility of all nominees.

Service academy applicants are eligible for nomination by both United States Senators in the state of their legal residence and the United States Representative for the District in which they reside. Applicants should apply for nomination to all three (3) nominating sources.

Some applicants may be eligible for other nominating sources; Presidential, Vice Presidential, ROTC, active duty unit commanding officer, and others. Please check the respective service academy web site for eligibility requirements.

If you are interested in receiving a nomination from Senator Burr, please complete the Service Academy Nomination Application here and send to my office using the mailing label here by October 1, 2022. Should you have any questions about the process or application, please contact Chad Tilley in my office at or 1-800-685-8916.


You are encouraged to apply early to any and all service academies for which you have a sincere interest. You may apply online at the respective service academy web site. If you meet the minimum eligibility and entrance requirements, the academy will forward a formal application package. You should return all requested materials as directed by the academy as quickly as possible.

If you are considered an "official" candidate by the academy, you will be scheduled for a medical examination by the Department of Defense Medical Review Board (DODMERB). You will also complete a Physical Aptitude Evaluation (PAE).