• Community Funding Priorities

    Community funding priorities are congressionally directed spending requests submitted to Members of Congress by non-profits and public entities to be considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee for inclusion in the request’s respective appropriations bill. Each request must meet strict eligibility guidelines and requires certification of no financial interest in the community funding priority by the Member or the Member’s family.

  • Jobs and Opportunity

    The desire to succeed and participate in our economy is at the heart of the American Dream. Unfortunately, the ability of Americans to find a job and provide for their families is too often hampered by government policies that punish work and saving.

  • Education and Child Care

    Every North Carolinian should graduate high school ready for college or a career. I believe decisions about our children’s education are best made by those who are closest to the classroom – parents, teachers, and local representatives. That’s why I fought to end federal mandates like Common Core and No Child Left Behind.

  • National Security

    Since September 11, 2001, our nation has been combatting enemies who seek to threaten and eventually destroy our exceptional country. While the threat in recent years has come primarily from radical Islamic terrorists, we have also witnessed the emergence of an aggressive Russia with ambitions to undermine our longstanding alliances abroad. 

  • Veterans and Military Families

    North Carolina is home to the third largest community of veterans and military retirees in the nation. Our state is also home to some of America’s premier Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps quick response forces, as well as the ready reserve forces in our National Guard.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    North Carolinians understand what “living within their budget” means. This has not been the case in Washington, where annual deficits continue to mount. It is imperative that Washington follow the example of North Carolinians and begin to make tough choices and prioritize spending decisions.

  • Health Care

    Since first coming to Congress, I have understood that our country needs health care reform. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has resulted in skyrocketing insurance premiums and fewer choices for Americans. That’s why I have put forward the Patient CARE Act as an alternative plan that would expand access to quality, affordable health care without the federal government’s command and control. PCARE puts Americans -- not Washington bureaucrats -- in control of their own health care decisions for themselves and their families. 

  • Fighting Crime And Protecting Victims

    During my time in the Senate, I have introduced, supported, and passed legislation to combat rape and sexual assault, to stop human trafficking, and to protect the most vulnerable members of society, our children. 

  • Government Accountability

    American taxpayers deserve a government that works for them and does not overstep its boundaries. This means setting the right priorities, achieving measurable results, and remembering that our government must be of the people, by the people, for the people.

  • Conservation

    From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Outer Banks, North Carolina is home to some of America’s most visited natural treasures. Conservation is key not only to our rich cultural history but also our growing outdoor recreation economy. People from all over the country come to enjoy and experience North Carolina’s diverse natural landscape.