A Message from Senator Burr

This week, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) and I introduced the Lumbee Recognition Act. This bill would provide federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. I am proud to introduce this legislation to help the Lumbee Tribe receive the federal recognition they deserve. Currently, this can only happen through an act of Congress. I hope that the Senate will fulfill its commitment to achieve fairness and justice for the Lumbees.

Also this week, during their consideration of health care legislation, the Senate Finance Committee voted against creating a government option twice (one vote was 15-8 and the other was 13-10). As I've written here before, the need for health care reform is clear, but the government option is not the way to go. It is more important to get this right so that our children and grandchildren do not have to spend a lifetime correcting our mistakes, than to rush a bill through.

This weekend, I will be visiting with 100 World War II veterans from North Carolina who are traveling to Washington on Saturday to visit the World War II Memorial on the National Mall. Honor Flight was created to honor America's veterans by flying them-free of charge-to Washington, DC, to visit the national memorials built in their honor. America's World War II veterans served our country with honor and they deserve the opportunity to see the national memorial that has been erected in memory of their service. I look forward to meeting with these veterans on Saturday.

Next week, the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on potential exposure issues within the Department of Defense and VA. At this hearing, I intend to continue to press for a resolution to the Camp Lejeune water contamination issue. Former Marines, their families, and former employees at Camp Lejeune have waited far too long for answers.

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U.S. Senator Richard Burr