Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week's legislative activity in the Senate was cut short by the same storm that wreaked havoc across North Carolina.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted on a one year suspension of the debt limit, which passed 55-43. I voted against the legislation. As I have said many times, Washington must curb its out of control spending, and it must do so before we are in an even worse situation than we are today. We are limiting the opportunities of our children and grandchildren because we refuse to make the tough choices necessary to cut spending and start paying down our debt. It's time for us to rein in spending and put our country on a sound fiscal path.

This week, the Senate also voted on a piece of legislation from the House that would repeal the cuts in military pension cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) from last December's budget, and the legislation was agreed to by a vote of 95-3. The House legislation, which is offset, repeals the cuts for veterans and those currently serving. I voted to repeal the pension cuts, and I am pleased the legislation passed the Senate and did so in a fiscally responsible way.

I hope you and your family weathered the North Carolina storms safely.