Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week, I joined Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown to discuss the obstacles facing our nation's veterans.

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Last evening, Senator Alexander and I took to the floor to warn that the unionization of college athletes, as permitted by a recent National Labor Relations Board regional decision, would destroy college sports and harm the entire American system of higher education.

I am a former scholarship football player for Wake Forest University. College sports is a lot aboutthe experience. I carry around memories of the summer practices that lasted from sun up to sun down and the memory every football player has of that dead grass in summer practice in hot weather. College sports builds character. It buildsintegrity. It builds drive. It builds resilience. It's not the only thing in lifethat does it, but to me, for many youngmen and women, it is an effective way for them to become leaders.

Although the idea of unionizing might sound good to a very small number of student-athletes considering doing so, it is important we think of the 99% of student-athletes who never reach the professional levels of their respective sports and will come to value the education they received while competing for their colleges or universities. The value of that education - more than any temporary benefit they might receive while collectively bargaining - will bring a lifetime of higher earnings in their profession but also a respect for the life lessons they received while playing sports for their schools. I hope the NLRB's regional office's decision does not threaten that for these students.

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