Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Yesterday, Senate Democrats voted against S. 1003, the Comprehensive Student Loan Protection Act-a permanent solution that would lower and fix interest rates for 100 percent of newly issued student-loans. I'm left scratching my head over the Senate's vote. The solution my colleagues and I put forward would simplify and streamlines the process, save federal taxpayers billions of dollars, and address 100 percent of student loans. Harry Reid has been stating publicly this week that there was &q… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week the Senate continued its work on the Farm Bill. One amendment that was offered by Senator Dianne Feinstein would have been devastating to North Carolina's farmers. If passed, the Feinstein amendment would have singled out tobacco farmers, and only tobacco farmers, from being eligible to purchase federal crop insurance. This was just another thinly veiled attempt to end the production of a legal product in this country. Tobacco is also the leading tax generating commodity in the agr… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

As you may know, the House voted this week to repeal Obamacare, and I wholeheartedly support the effort to fully repeal this terrible law. However, if we don't have the votes in the Senate to repeal this law in full, then we should also seek to dismantle it piece by piece. That's why this week I introduced a bill with Senator Coburn that will repeal the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP), Affordable Care Act's provision that commits federal taxpayer dollars to incentivizing states to… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week, the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform held a hearing that shed new light on the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and the Obama administration's subsequent handling and response. For the first time since the tragic events last September that resulted in the death of four Americans, we heard witness testimony from officials on the ground confirming that it was clear from the outset this was a pre-planned terrorist attack despite the White House and State Department… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week, I joined with the Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee to introduce a piece of legislation designed to help the Department of Veterans Affairs meet its goal to eliminate veteran homelessness by 2015. Although we've made significant progress, there are still over 62,000 homeless veterans that we have an obligation to help off the street and back on their feet. The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act of 2013 is an important step in addressing the top unmet needs among homeles… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Burr

While some in Washington seek to encroach on the SecondAmendment rights of law-biding Americans, I will continue to fight to ensure these rights are honored and protected. Yesterday, I introduced legislation that would end the arbitrary process through which the government strips veterans and other Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries of their Second Amendment rights. This legislation would protect the rights of veterans and their families by ensuring that only a proper j… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

On Wednesday evening I joined a group of Republican Senators and the President for a discussion about our economy and our national debt.The problems facing our nation are numerous, complex, and cannot be solved in a single night, but I am hopeful the President will work with Congress to fix our entitlement programs so they are viable for future generations of Americans and reform our tax code so that we can encourage economic growth, promote job creation, and provide a prosperous future for Amer… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Because of Congressional inaction this week - and every week for the past two years, for that matter - sequestration, the automatic spending cuts put in place by the President, will go into effect today, March 1. While I was hopeful we could reach an agreement that would make more prioritized spending cuts, the truth is Washington has a spending problem. We need to begin to cut the size and scope of the federal government. I would prefer more targeted cuts that would address real waste, fr… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

On Tuesday, the President delivered his State of the Union Address to the American people. The address sounded a lot like rhetoric we have heard from him in years past, but as we have learned, actions speak louder than words. Words alone will not turn our economy around and put America back on the right track.I hope the President will work with Congress to reform our entitlement programs so they are viable for future generations of Americans and fix our tax code so that we can promote job … Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

This week, I introduced the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA), a bill to improve America's preparedness and response capabilities for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. Whether these threats occur naturally, like pandemic flu, or are the result of an intentional attack, we must be prepared to quickly and effectively respond to all threats, including having necessary, life-saving medical countermeasures. The threats facing our nation are serious and very r… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Since the beginning of the 113th Congress, several topics have dominated the conversation both nationally and in Washington. After passage of the fiscal cliff deal on January 1, we now must focus on a longer-term fix to our nation's economic issues. It has been more than three years since the Majority Leader even put a budget on the Senate floor, let alone allowed the Senate to act on and pass one. This is inexcusable. Last week, I signed on as a cosponsor of the No Budget No Pay Act, a bill … Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Burr: Fiscal Cliff Update

With only a few weeks left in the 112th Congress the Senate has a lot on its plate, but very little progress was made this week on the most pressing issue facing our nation - the impending fiscal cliff. As you know, unless Congress acts quickly, every American will experience a perfect storm of unprecedented tax increases and automatic cuts to spending on everything from defense to Medicare on January 1, 2013. Unfortunately, despite the severity of this situation, many in Washington are sti… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

As regular readers of this newsletter know, earlier this month, Senate Democrats introduced the Veterans Job Corps Act. The stated goals of this legislation were laudable enough - to help veterans secure jobs - but the reality of it was nothing more than campaign politics at its worst. This bill would have created temporary job opportunities for veterans, but rather than offer a pay-for provision, the Democrats chose to fund it using deficit spending. Deficit spending is in direct violatio… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Preventing Leaks About Covert Actions to Protect American Lives and Missions This week, I introduced a bill that I never thought would be necessary, but unfortunately, leaks of confidential information about American covert actions have become so common and pose such a threat to our national security that I was forced to introduce legislation to combat it. Such reckless disclosures of top-secret information compromise our national security, jeopardize the work of our intelligence office… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Supreme Court decision on the President's health care law - individual mandate is a tax While this was a busy week legislatively in Washington, the biggest news of the week came from the Supreme Court. On Thursday, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the President's health care law claiming that the individual mandate included in the law is, in fact, a tax. While the Court has been reviewing this law for months, American families and businesses have been reviewing it for years, and they ha… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

CBO's Long-Term Budget Outlook On Tuesday, CBO released its annualLong-Term Budget Outlookthat gives Americans an idea of what to expect if our federal government does not rein in its out of control spending. This year's report underscored that the policies being put forth by the Administration are hurting, not helping, our economy and will leave our nation in a very dangerous place for future generations if we fail to make the tough choices now to put our economy back on the right track. Spe… Continue Reading


Message from Senator Richard Burr

Memorial Day Message As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, let us remember the true meaning of the day and honor all of our nation's servicemembers who have served and sacrificed for us and for our nation - especially those who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives so we could be free. For centuries, American citizens have taken up arms and put themselves in harm's way to serve and protect the country they hold so dear. The cost of freedom and security has been paid with the l… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Unanimous Rejection of the President's Budget Proposal Despite our troubled economy and our $15 trillion national debt, President Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to propose a responsible federal budget. On Wednesday, the Senate voted unanimously against the President's budget proposal which failed to rein in spending and reduce the national debt, imposed taxes that would have inhibited economic growth, ignored the pending insolvency of Medicare and Social Security, and used budget gimmicks … Continue Reading


Message from Senator Richard Burr

May is Military Appreciation Month and serves as an important reminder of all those who have sacrificed for our country. In honor of this month, I encourage you to make an extra effort to thank our nation's soldiers for their courageous service. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet with the Blue Star Families, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting military families as they tackle the unique challenges they must face when their loved ones are fighting overseas o… Continue Reading


Legislative Update from Senator Richard Burr

Annual Medicare and Social Security Trustee's Report On Monday, the trustees who oversee Social Security and Medicare released their annual reports on the current state of the programs. This year's reports brought more bad news and underscored the dire need to reform these programs. The reports make it clear that the insolvency of these programs is imminent if we don't act soon. According to the trustees, the Social Security trust fund can only maintain current benefits for another 20 yea… Continue Reading

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