A Message From Senator Richard Burr, September 16, 2011

This was another busy week in Washington where we debated many issues of vital importance to those of you in North Carolina and Americans across the country. Last night, I introduced a bill, the Empowering Local Educational Decision Making Act, that will improve America's education system by giving states and local communities the flexibility they need to meet the unique and varied educational needs of their students. State and local school districts, not Washington, D.C., are the best mak… Continue Reading


A Message From Senator Richard Burr, June 24, 2011

A Message from Senator Richard BurrJune 24, 2011 This Week in Washington This week, the President announced a plan to drawdown our current troop levels in Afghanistan and bring home the 33,000 American troops who were part of the "surge" that began in 2009. I am hopeful that this plan achieves the appropriate balance between building on the progress that American forces have made in Afghanistan, ensuring stability in the region - particularly in Pakistan - and handing over security to … Continue Reading


A Message From Senator Richard Burr

Last Week in Review TheSenate was back in session on Monday after a week of recess. Last Monday, May 30, was Memorial Day, and I was honored to attend a ceremony in Mt. Airy honoring the servicemen and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country. I spent the rest of the week on the road visiting with students, touring North Carolina businesses, and meeting with North Carolinians who are moving our economy forward during this difficult time. To learn moreabo… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

This week, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress and the nation in his State of the Union Address. Our nation continues to be confronted with tough challenges, and he touched on many of these difficult issues in his speech. I believe that North Carolina and our nation can and will overcome these challenges by working together. In order to turn our economy around we must empower individuals, families, and small business, not expand the size of government and increase taxes. The pr… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

While the Senate was in recess, I got the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Pat Toomey (R-PA). We met with U.S. troops, military officials and political leaders to discuss our military involvement, as well political and economic issues affecting Afghanistan and Pakistan. I also had the chance to meet with troops serving from North Ca… Continue Reading


A Message From Senator Richard Burr

As we welcome a new year, we also welcome the start of a new Congress. On Wednesday, I was sworn in to serve the people of North Carolina for another six years. I am humbled and honored for this opportunity, and my main priorities as we kick off the 112th Congress aretackling our growing debt and working on sound policies to encourage job growth. To watch my interview with WRAL about the start of the new Congress and the challenges ahead, please click here. Over the holidays, President… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

As the year-if not the 111th Congress-comes to a close, several critical pieces of legislation remain to be addressed by the Senate.As we work towards adjournment, it is important that we get this work done while also making sure our priorities are in order. This week, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed a bill that extends current income tax rates.This bill will restore the predictability needed for small businesses and individuals to plan for the future and invest in ou… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

Before getting into what we worked on in Washington this week, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Elizabeth Edwards. She was a passionate advocate for issues she believed in and a caring and loving mother. Her legacy should serve as an inspiration to all of us. Although her life was not without tragedy and adversity, through it all she fought for her family and faced every challenge with courage, poise, and grace. Brooke's and my thoughts and prayers are with her ent… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

We are in the final stretch of the 111th Congress.Topping the list of unfinished items are bills funding operations of the federal government for the rest of the year and legislation that will ensure American families and small businesses do not face large tax increases on January 1. The Majority has yet to set a schedule for the remaining time in this Congress, and major issues like funding the government and preventing tax increases on all Americans have not been addressed. In the absence … Continue Reading


Happy Thanksgiving from Senator Richard Burr

As we gather together with friends and family this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all that we have to be grateful for - both individually and as a nation. We live in a country where we can openly express our opinions and practice our religion freely. America has risen to great heights since the celebration of the first Thanksgiving, but there are still many Americans who find themselves in need during this holiday season. We should also remember the volunteers who help serve the homeless an… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

As you know, this newsletter has been on a temporary hiatus since September due to Senate rules prohibiting me from sending one outwithin six weeks prior to an election.With the election behind us, I am once again allowed to communicate with you via this newsletter. We returned to Washington earlier this week and hit the ground running. On Tuesday night, Senate Republicans approved a resolution that puts a two year moratorium on earmarks. By adopting this resolution, Republicans are taking a… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

Prior to updating you on my travels in North Carolina and other items of interest, I regret to inform you that this will be my last newsletter for two months. Under Senate rules, Senators are not allowed to send out newsletters during the 60-day period prior to an election. I encourage you to stay up to date with what is going on in Washington by visiting my website. As always, you may contact me about issues in Washington via email or call my Washington office at (202) 224-3154 with any questio… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

Dear North Carolina Veterans:Before I left Washington earlier this month to spend time traveling through the state, the Senate took action on several noteworthy items that affect you and your fellow veterans. In a recent meeting of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, I am pleased to report that the committee approved several amendments I offered to address issues vital to veterans in North Carolina and the nation. Below is a list of the amendments I offered that were approved and must now… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

The last two weeks traveling around North Carolina have been busy, but very informative.Last week, I traveled throughout eastern and central North Carolina visiting Carteret, Cumberland, Wayne, Guilford, Lenoir, Craven, Wake, and Orange counties, speaking with small business owners, touring health care centers, and I even had the opportunity to visit with our brave men and women in uniform at Cherry Point. This week I made visits to Durham, Catawba, Lincoln, and Gaston counties. Input from entre… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

It was a busy week in Washington leading up to the August recess period. I am very excited to be back in North Carolina traveling across the state meeting with North Carolinians like you, listening to your concerns, and working with you to ensure that your voice is heard in Washington. Recently, you may have seen television commercials promoting the President's health care plan for seniors on Medicare. Not only are the claims made in this commercial misleading, these commercials may not even… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

While I was in Washington this week, members of my staff attended Veterans Fairs in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and New Bern. At these Fairs, my staff and representatives from the Veterans Administration answered questions and provided assistance across a wide range of issues, including claims and benefits, home loans and housing, employment and training opportunities, healthcare, insurance, government contracting, and other issues. You've likely heard me express my frustration in hearings, intervi… Continue Reading


A Mesage from Senator Richard Burr

This week in the Senate was a busy one, both on the Senate floor and in committees. The Senate's debate on unemployment benefits continued this week.During that debate, I voted for an amendment that would extend those benefits while paying for them with cuts elsewhere in government.The Senate ultimately approved, however, and the President signed into law, a bill that requires us to borrow more money and add billions of dollars to our national debt. On Tuesday, I attended an open hearing … Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

This week in the Senate ended with a final vote on the Financial Regulatory Reform Bill. I think we can all agree that our country is in need of smart, effective financial regulation that promotes accountability, enforcement, and transparency. Never again should the American taxpayer and Main Street be on the hook for the wild abuses of Wall Street. Unfortunately, the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Billl fails to address the root causes of the financial crisis. At the heart of the financial me… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

I am very proud to announce that, along with Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, I have introduced an energy bill that will increase our nation's energy independence, move us away from foreign oil, and develop the use of clean energy sources here at home. Our bill, the Next Generation Energy Security Act, expands nuclear power generation, incentivizes electric vehicles, switches fleet vehicles like large trucks from diesel fuel over to natural gas, and encourages increased development and use of… Continue Reading


A Message from Senator Richard Burr

Another week has passed, and as always, I am very glad to be heading back to North Carolina for the weekend. There are a couple of issues I'd like to highlight for you as we wrap up the week in Washington. Recent news reports indicate that oil from the Gulf spill has reached Florida's shores. The photos and stories from the Gulf are powerful reminders that we must stay focused on the situation there. As we continue to push the Administration on this issue by asking the President to repea… Continue Reading

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