Burr Statement on the State of the Union Address by President George W. Bush

"I applaud President Bush for his continued commitment to meeting the challenges that lay ahead, both across the globe and here at home. Clearly, we are meeting those challenges head on and we have made progress in protecting our national and economic security. I am optimistic about the issues we face this coming year and I look forward to working toward these big goals.

President Bush continues to recognize the importance of our mission in Iraq and our success there. To protect our security, we must continue to work to secure peace while extending freedom and democracy throughout the world. While good people can disagree on specific Iraq policy, we must support our troops, work toward their success and finish the job so they can come home.

Personally, I was pleased the President talked about health care which has become a top concern for families and businesses throughout North Carolina. It is absolutely critical that we find some solutions on the rising cost of health care. The President outlined some ways that we can improve health care and I know I will continue to work on health care issues myself in the Senate. We must keep the promises made to seniors and those in need, while at the same time reducing costs North Carolinians pay for quality health care coverage so more people can afford to have good quality care.

President Bush tonight also talked about his commitment to greater energy independence and lower energy costs. I'm pleased that President Bush addressed stabilizing energy prices, expanding production and increasing the use of alternative fuels. I applaud him for setting the goal of energy independence with a date certain. I believe it is vitally important to our national security and to our economy that the U.S. can sustain its future energy needs. Having discussed energy independence with the President personally, I know he will back up his words with action, just as he did by signing a comprehensive energy plan into law last year."