Burr Announces $1.9 Million for Dare County Disaster Cleanup

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Richard Burr today announced that Dare County will receive $1.9 million in additional funding. The federal funds, to come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), will be used for debris removal expenses incurred as a result of Hurricane Isabel.

"I am pleased that Dare County will receive this critical assistance," said Senator Burr. "Hurricane Isabel created widespread damage in the area, and this funding will assist the County in recovering from damage caused by the hurricane."

Hurricane Isabel destroyed homes and damaged trees when it struck in September 2003. County roads and public rights-of-way became impassable due to debris scattered throughout Dare County. This additional funding will cover the final costs associated with debris removal operations. Dare County has already received a total of $885,021 in debris removal since Hurricane Isabel struck.

FEMA's Public Assistance program made this federal funding available to Dare County. Under the program, FEMA provides 75 percent of the total cost, and the State covers the remaining costs.