Burr Announces $332,077 in Fire Grants for North Carolina

Funds to cover the costs of firefighter safety and preparedness

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Richard Burr today announced $332,077 in United States Department of Homeland Security grants for North Carolina firefighters. The grants, made available by the United States Fire Administration's Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, will cover the costs of training, equipment and improvements to fire stations and emergency vehicles.

"When emergencies threaten the safety of our communities, firefighters are the first to respond," said Senator Burr. "These grants will make communities throughout North Carolina safer by ensuring that firefighters are better equipped to respond to emergencies."

Four North Carolina fire departments will receive federal grants. They are as follows:

• Harrellsville Fire Department will receive $122,669.
• Boiling Springs Rural Fire Department will receive $92,720.
• Union Volunteer Fire Department in Salisbury will receive $91,627.
• Total Community Fire Department of Berea in Oxford will receive $25,071.

The United States Department of Homeland Security's Office of Domestic Preparedness oversees the United States Fire Administration. Firefighter assistance programs provide federal funding directly to local firefighters to ensure they are well-equipped to protect their communities. Local fire departments share up to twenty percent of project costs.