Burr Applauds President Bush’s Remarks Urging Modernization of Electricity Transmission Grid

Burr energy bill would update electricity transmission grid

Senator Richard Burr today praised President George W. Bush's remarks calling for the modernization of the electricity transmission grid.

"Clearly, President Bush understands the importance of modernizing and improving our electricity transmission grid," said Burr. "By modernizing the grid, we can avoid costly power outages while increasing efficiency. I applaud President Bush for his remarks and will continue to work with him and my Senate colleagues to enact a comprehensive energy plan that ensures reliable - and affordable - electricity."

Burr is the author of the Interstate Transmission Act of 2005. The legislation, introduced with Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Trent Lott (R-MS) seeks to protect local rate payers and ensure reliable, low cost electricity by making electric reliability standards mandatory, increasing investment in the upgrade of the transmission grid and protecting local electricity customers by preserving states role in regulating electricity costs.

Remarks today by President George W. Bush to the Small Business Administration Expo '05:

"As we conserve energy at home and on the road, technology will help us deliver it more efficiently. New technologies such as superconducting power lines can help us bring our electrical grid into the 21st century, and protect American families and businesses from damaging power outages. Some of you who live in the Midwest and on the East Coast know what I'm talking about -- damaging power outages. We have modern interstate grids for our phone lines and our highways. It's time for America to build a modern electricity grid."