Burr Applauds Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Approval of Wild Horses Legislation

Senator Richard Burr applauded Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approval of H.R. 126, legislation that would allow for an increase in the number of wild horses on Shackleford Banks in Cape Lookout National Seashore. The legislation, originally introduced by Congressman Walter Jones, was approved yesterday afternoon by the committee and will now proceed to the full Senate.

The legislation would amend current law, which permits 100 free roaming horses on the Banks, to allow no less than 110 free roaming horses, with a target population of between 120 to 130 free roaming horses.

"This legislation helps return the decision making process for national parks back where it belongs - with the local communities," said Senator Burr. "As a member of the Energy and Natural Resources committee, I'm proud to have helped move the legislation forward, but I also know Congressman Walter Jones has been a tireless advocate for protecting wild horses at Shackleford Banks. Walter's commitment has been critical to making this vital legislation one step closer to becoming a reality."