Burr Bill Clears Hurdle to Increase Access to New Medical Technologies for Seniors

WASHINGTON – Today, the Senate Finance Committee approved Senator Richard Burr’s (R-NC) legislation, S.1253, the Patient Access to Disposable Medical Technology Act of 2015. This bill, co-sponsored with Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO), will make innovative medical technologies more readily available for seniors through better Medicare reimbursement for these new technologies and improved patient access to them.

 “Medicare doesn’t always recognize innovations in health care, which is leaving our seniors behind in getting the latest medical technology,” Burr said. “Passing this bill sends the clear signal that seniors should be able to benefit from the best American innovation has to offer.  Innovative disposable products can help patients heal faster, and this legislation increases access to some of these ground breaking technologies so seniors can enjoy a better quality of life.”

“Colorado seniors are able to take better care of their health thanks to medical innovations that they can use at home,” Bennet said. “This bill helps ensure that Medicare is keeping pace with this technology by covering these costs. It’s a simple update to the Medicare program that the Senate should pass quickly.”


Burr fights for seniors' access to cutting edge medical technologies

 S. 1253 will amend Medicare to make it easier for seniors to benefit from disposable wound technologies in their homes. This will give more certainty as to how Medicare will reimburse these cutting-edge technologies and incorporate them into the Medicare program on behalf of seniors.

Burr and Bennet introduced S. 1253 on May 8th, 2015.

A one pager of the bill is available here.