Burr Presents Congressional Award Medals to Local Students

WASHINGTON - Senator Richard Burr presented Congressional Award Medals to five local students in an award ceremony last Thursday at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem.

To receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Congressional Award Medal each participant must set and achieve goals in four areas: voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition/exploration.

"I am proud of the many contributions these students make in their communities and schools," Burr said. "Their commitment to helping others and dedication to serving their communities will ensure they grow up to become active and devoted citizens."

The following students were presented awards:

• Michael Atkins, Jr. of Pikeville received a Bronze and Silver Medal. Michael volunteered extensively as a mentor for younger children, while working towards his Silver Medal. Literacy was his focus. For his Personal Development,
Michael learned more about the aspects of putting on a theatrical production, especially the technical aspect. To keep fit, Michael ran track and cross-country. For his Expedition/Exploration, Michael stayed on a farm for two nights.

• Margaret Douglas of Winston-Salem received a Bronze Medal. Margaret volunteered with children and at her school, while working towards her Bronze Medal. For her Personal Development, Margaret learned more about the history, geography, and topography of America by attending a Grand Western Tour for five weeks. She also furthered her knowledge of theater production. To keep fit, Margaret played field hockey and soccer. Finally, for her Expedition/Exploration, Margaret planned an overnight camping trip.

• Alston Harris of Clemmons received a Bronze Medal. Alston volunteered 100 hours at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, while working on his Bronze Medal. At the Habitat for Humanity Restore, Alston helped customers find what they needed as well as rearranging tiles and shelves. For his Personal Development, Alston achieved the Eagle Scout Rank with the Boy Scouts of America. To keep fit, Alston ran and did sit-ups and push-ups. Finally, for his Expedition/Exploration, Alston planned a one-night expedition. Alston was joined by his brother Cameron Harris who was presented the Congressional Award Gold Medal by Senator Burr in Washington, D.C. on June 21, 2006.

• Eleanor Hoppe of Winston-Salem received a Bronze Medal. Eleanor volunteered at the Salemtowne Retirement Community. She also assisted at the Children's Center where she would take the children to the fair and to see Santa Claus during the holidays. For her Personal Development, Eleanor improved her public speaking skills and prepared for a new high school. To keep fit, Eleanor participated in both soccer and basketball. Finally, for her Expedition/Exploration, Eleanor planned an overnight camping trip.

• John Lovette of Winston-Salem received a Bronze and Silver Medal. While working towards his Silver Medal, John participated in a variety of activities including assisting children in the community by helping at the recreation center and teaching a computer class for senior citizens. For his Personal Development, John developed skills as a web designer and earned his solo wings in a powered aircraft. To keep fit, John lifted weights and ran. For his Expedition/Exploration, John attended the Middle East Region Search and Rescue College with the Civil Air Patrol.

Congress established the Congressional Award in 1979 to recognize initiative, achievement, and service in young people. It began as a bipartisan effort in both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. The Congressional Award is a private-public partnership which receives all funding from the private sector and was originally signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Bill Clinton have signed continuing legislation.

North Carolina currently has over 500 young people working towards a Congressional Award Medal. Since 1998, North Carolina has had over 70 medalists.

For more information go to https://www.burr.senate.gov

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