Burr Statement on Petraeus Report

U.S. Senator Richard Burr today issued the following statement regarding General Petraeus' report to Congress on Iraq:

"I welcome General Petraeus' report. Some progress has been made, but there is room for improvement. The military has had great success in eliminating al Qaeda and other foreign insurgents in Iraq and I believe this represents one of the most effective ways U.S. forces can bring stability to the country. We have seen evidence of this success in al Anbar province where the local population has turned against al Qaeda and has rejected its calls for extremism and there are signs that Diyala province may follow as well. Local leadership now works hand-in-hand with U.S. forces to make al Anbar one of the safest places in the country.

"As the stability and security of Iraq has improved there are few signs of the national political progress that many see as pivotal. Little, if any, progress has been achieved by Iraq's elected leadership. It is time to weaken Iran's influence and for Iraqi leadership to do what they were elected to do and lead the country toward reconciliation.

"While long term stability in Iraq ultimately depends on the Iraqis themselves, General Petraeus believes we can make more progress and can start reducing troop levels at the end of the year. Like all Americans, I want our troops home as soon as possible. But we have to give our men and women the opportunity to build on their recent successes. I support Petraeus' recommendation to continue our mission in Iraq."