Burr Statement on Zika Funding Filibuster, Ft. Bragg Zika Infections

WASHINGTON – Today, Democratic leadership in the Senate voted to filibuster $1.1 billion in funding to fight the Zika virus. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) released the following statement on the filibuster:

“This is the third time Democratic leadership has put politics before people and blocked $1.1 billion in funding to fight the Zika virus. We had the opportunity to pass this funding months ago. There are no winners in this political game; there are only losers. The women, children, and now members of our military who are at risk of the devastating effects of this disease deserve action.”

Today, the Army announced that five Fort Bragg based service members were infected with the Zika virus while travelling outside the United States. These are just the latest travel-associated cases of Zika infection in North Carolina.

Last week, Senator Burr penned an op-ed in The Hill calling on Congress to take action on Zika.

Today’s filibuster also further endangers funding for veterans and military construction in North Carolina.