Burr Votes to Deliver Additional Relief to American Families, Businesses, and Schools

Today, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) voted in support of additional, targeted relief for American families, businesses, and schools still struggling during the current coronavirus pandemic. After the much-needed funding was blocked by Senate Democrats, Senator Burr released the following statement:

“For months, Republicans have sought to work across the aisle to deliver additional support to American families, businesses, and schools still feeling the impact of the current pandemic. This targeted bill provides the resources we all agree are necessary to help our nation safely reopen. It includes new funding to support scientists on the frontlines developing new therapeutics and vaccines, small businesses struggling to keep their doors open, schools working to bring children safely back into the classroom, and families just trying to make ends meet.

“Unfortunately, in blocking today’s funding bill, Senate Democrats have proven they have no actual interest in providing relief to those who need it, but are instead willing to play politics with people’s livelihoods. This is a grave disservice to millions of Americans who cannot afford to keep waiting for help. It is my hope that my colleagues on the opposite side of the aisle will stop playing political games and work with us to deliver long overdue and essential relief.”