Burr’s Military Spouse Amendment Agreed to by Senate

“This amendment sends a clear message of support to our military spouses.”

Today, U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) offered the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act as an amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization bill currently under consideration in the Senate. The amendment, which was approved by voice vote on the Senate floor, would allow military spouses to maintain residency in their home state regardless of military placement of their families.

"Military spouses play a very important role in the success of our Armed Forces," Senator Burr said. "But, even though military spouses frequently move in support of servicemembers and the military, the law currently does not grant them the same residency rights as their servicemembers. This means that every time they move in response to military orders, they must change their license plates, voter registration and even file taxes in a different state than their spouse. This just isn't right."

Currently, servicemembers have the ability to claim and maintain one state of residence, regardless of where military orders may send them. The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act would extend similar rights to military spouses, easing the burden and headaches they now face.

"The approval of this amendment sends a clear message to military spouses that we, as a nation, appreciate their sacrifices and are grateful for the contributions they make to the success of our Armed Forces," Senator Burr added."It is one small way we can not only ease the burden they currently bear in caring for children and supporting our troops through frequent deployments, but I also hope this legislation will keep more of our military families together."