Dole, Burr and Easley to Navy: OLF Must Have Local Support

Senators and Governor press Navy to address economic benefits issue

U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr and North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley today wrote to Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter to reiterate their position that the general support of the local population is essential for locating an outlying landing field in North Carolina, and to press the Navy to identify potential economic benefits to affected communities.

"The Washington County site is universally opposed and should not be considered as a viable option," wrote Dole, Burr and Easley to Winter. "In addition, residents in Gates and Camden Counties have been unequivocal, especially given the burden to economic benefit ratio, in their opposition to an OLF. We take the position that if an outlying landing field were to be located in North Carolina, the Navy must work more effectively to secure the general support of the local population, and we see little purpose in your pending announcement of a narrowed list unless the issue of economic benefits for the affected communities is squarely addressed."