Finance Committee Passes Package of Burr Bills to Clean Up IRS

WASHINGTON –Today, the Senate Finance Committee passed two of Sen. Burr’s bills aimed at cleaning up misconduct at the Internal Revenue Service. The package included the Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act and the IRS Accountability Act as amendments to larger taxpayer protection legislation. These bills will prevent the IRS from rehiring employees who were previously fired and will make it easier to fire senior executives for misconduct.

“Americans are outraged by the constant stream of news stories about misconduct at the IRS,” said Sen. Burr. “From the employees who are fired and are later rehired by the agency, to the poor performing executives who can’t be fired but can receive bonuses, it’s time to put a stop to this perpetual bureaucratic nightmare. Not only is failing to clean up the IRS a disservice to the American people, but it’s also a slap in the face to the hardworking employees at the agency who are doing a good job. The IRS has a responsibility to the American people to operate in an efficient, competent, and ethical manner.”

Burr at Finance

WATCH: Sen. Burr discusses IRS amendments

Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act of 2016 – This bill addresses unsettling evidence uncovered by the Treasury Watchdog that the IRS repeatedly rehired employees who were fired for poor conduct and performance after a lengthy examination process. This legislation will require the IRS to stop this practice. The watchdog’s report even found that an employee who had “Do Not Rehire” stamped on their personnel file was rehired.

In February, Sen. Burr penned an op-ed and confronted IRS Commissioner Koskinen about this disturbing practice.

IRS Accountability Act of 2015 – This legislation will keep IRS bureaucrats accountable to the American people by giving the IRS Commissioner new authority to fire senior executives who have failed in their performance or committed misconduct. This legislation is based on a law Congress passed in the wake of the VA health care scandal that enables the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to fire senior executives for misconduct.