Military Officers Association of America Honors Sen. Burr

MOAA awards Senator Burr for work to relieve burden of relocations

Last night, U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) received the 2010 Colonel Arthur T. Marix Congressional Leadership Award for his work in support of America's men and women in uniform, their military families, and for his work in championing the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. The award was sponsored by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), an organization of active duty, National Guard, Reserve, former and retired military officers and surviving spouses with over 370,000 members nationwide.

"The strength of our nation's military force depends on the strength of military families," Senator Burr said. "Military families provide the support our men and women in uniform need to do their job, and it is incumbent on us to make their lives easier as they undergo frequent relocations and deployments. Allowing military spouses to have equal residency rights and to help them advance their careers and find employment opportunities despite frequent relocations are just small ways that we can make their lives just a little bit easier. I'm deeply appreciative of this award and humbled to be a part of creating policy that benefits families who sacrifice every day for our nation's well-being."

"The top award that MOAA presented to Senator Burr recognizes the highest caliber of leadership, dedication, and love of country," said Retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Richard I. Neal, Chairman of MOAA's Board of Directors. "It also recognizes the desire for a strong national defense, and—most importantly—steadfast support for the uniformed men and women who make that strong defense a reality."

Last year, Senator Burr introduced the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act, which was signed into law on Veterans Day in 2009. This bill allows military spouses to maintain or change residency when their family relocates due to military orders. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and Representative John Carter (R-TX) were honored alongside Senator Burr as co-recipients for their work on behalf of the veteran community.