Sen. Burr Pleased by Progress, Pushes for EPA Action on Asheville Hazardous Waste Site

Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced plans to propose the CTS of Asheville, Inc./Mills Gap Road Groundwater Contamination site to the National Priorities List (NPL) list of hazardous waste sites.

"The residents of this area have petitioned their government to address this issue, and they expect the EPA to do the right thing. Proposing to add this site the National Priorities List is a step in the right direction," Senator Burr said today. "There is still more the EPA must do in order to properly address the contamination in this area, and I will push for progress until this agency completely fulfills its duty to the people of North Carolina."

In May 2009, Sen. Burr sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency's acting inspector general requesting an investigation of the work performed by EPA Region 4 on the former CTS of Asheville site. Additionally, Sen. Burr has facilitated community meetings between concerned citizens and the government agencies responsible for the contamination's containment and clean-up.

The EPA may make a formal decision to propose the site to the NPL as early as March 2011. However, the decision to propose this site for the NPL does not guarantee its inclusion on the final list.

Today's decision comes after the EPA conducted a series of studies on groundwater contamination over the past three years. For more information about these tests and the formal listing process, please click here.