Senate Passes 2015 Ominbus Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) released the following statement after the final vote on the fiscal year 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill which passed the Senate this evening.

"Today, I voted, with a bipartisan majority of my Senate colleagues, to pass the appropriations bill that will fund the government through fiscal year 2015. This legislation, while not perfect, will allow the federal government to continue to run, bringing us into the new year with a new majority. As imperfect as this legislation may be, it does include important provisions that were hard-won by my House colleagues."

"This omnibus keeps federal spending below the budget caps, provides no new funding to Obamacare, and adds much needed oversight of the IRS. It also reduces funding for the IRS by $345 million, while banning the IRS from lashing out at individuals or groups who are merely expressing their right to free speech. It maintains important life protections and continues prohibitions on the transfer of GITMO detainees. It also includes measures to restrain regulatory overreach."

"Let me reiterate once again my disapproval of the President's recent actions regarding amnesty and my fear that his actions pose a threat to our rule of law. I believe we can best address this executive overreach when we enter the new Congress with a majority in both chambers. That is why the appropriations bill only funds the Department of Homeland Security through February 27, ensuring that the new Congress will be able to take action to address President Obama's executive amnesty."

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