Senator Burr Announces Opposition to Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership: Anything Less Than a Level Playing Field is Unacceptable

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) announced that he will oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. The TPP deal was announced this week and has a number of problematic provisions.

“While I believe that trade can open markets for American goods and services to be sold all over the world, the TPP is a bad deal for America,” said Senator Burr.  “The Obama administration is rigging the system to pick winners and losers in favor of industries that he and his allies support. I cannot support a deal that singles out North Carolina’s agricultural industry unfairly. I am also concerned that this deal does not adequately protect intellectual property rights and fails to provide strong enough measures to address currency manipulation. Anything less than a level playing field is unacceptable, and this deal simply does not accomplish enough for Americans. I oppose it and will do what I can to defeat it."

The Senate is expected to begin the lengthy trade agreement review process early next year.