Senator Burr Offers Veterans Day Remarks

Washington, D.C. - Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) today celebrated the service of our nation's veterans with the following statement:

"As North Carolinians, we are proud to claim many of our country's finest servicemen and women, active and retired, as our own.This Veterans Day, we join together to thank them for their service and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.With our nation at war, we send our thoughts and prayers out to those men and women in uniform currently on duty here at home, on watch at sea, on post in countries across the globe and in harms' way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"America's veterans - our co-workers, our neighbors, our friends and family members - have endured the pain of separation from loved ones, the trials of repeated deployments, and the harsh realities of combat. They have done so quietly and professionally for generation after generation. We must realize that the mental wounds from the trauma of war and stress of service are often more difficult to treat than the physical wounds, yet finding ways to do so is essential for the rehabilitation of our returning warriors.It's the responsibility of government to watch over the programs designed for veterans' care and ensure their funds are being spent wisely. It's our duty as citizens to provide these men and women and their families with the respect and compassion they deserve."