Senator Burr Recognizes “Military Spouse Appreciation Day”

Washington D.C - Senator Burr, Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, honored "Military Spouse Appreciation Day" today by calling on Americans across the country to thank the spouses of our service members for their service.

"Many of us will never fully understand the difficulties that military spouses and their families endure on our behalf. Their selflessness and courage demonstrate the power of their patriotism. I hope that today every American takes the opportunity to thank military spouses in their communities. We must acknowledge their contributions and recognize the sacrifices they make so that their loved one can continue to fight to preserve our freedoms," Senator Burr said today.

Yesterday, Senator Burr attended a Reserve Officers Association reception honoring Bianca Strzalkowski from Fuquary-Varina, N.C., as the Military Spouse of the Year. The spouses at that event, along with the representatives from the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard represent the millions of past and present military spouses who continue to show resilience in a wartime environment, dedicating their lives and families to the service of a grateful nation and give back to their communities.

The Senate agreed unanimously to the resolution sponsored by Senator Burr to set this day aside to honor military spouses (S. Res.160). For more about Military Spouse Appreciation Day, please click here.

Clarification: The 4th Annual Military Spouse of the Year Luncheon was sponsored by Military Spouse Magazine. The event was held at the Reserve Officers Association.