Senator Burr Statement on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Today, U.S. Senator Richard Burr issued the following statement on the status of negotiations on the fiscal cliff:

"Negotiations on how to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff have been ongoing since the President was reelected in November. Last night, Republicans laid an offer on the table, but the President instructed Majority Leader Reid not to make a counteroffer that could help move the process forward. The sticking point is simple - Republicans refuse to support a plan that uses new revenue from increased taxes for new, expanded government spending. The President told Congress and the American people that any new revenue would go towards paying down our national debt, but Democrats are insisting that the nearly $600 billion in new revenue should go towards new spending. Raising taxes on the American people so the government can spend more money is unconscionable, and it is not something I will support.

"At this point, I think it is clear that the President is not serious about reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and is using our economy and the livelihood of American families and businesses for what he sees as political gain. Jeopardizing our economic recovery and being content to let our economy go over the cliff is a clear indication of where the President's priorities lie."