Senator Burr Statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address:

"Our nation continues to be confronted with many tough challenges, and President Obama touched on many of these difficult issues tonight. Like the president, I believe that North Carolina and our nation can and will overcome these challenges by working together. In order to turn around our economy we must empower individuals, families, and small business, not expand the size of government and increase taxes. The president took a step in the right direction tonight by suggesting a lower corporate tax rate, but if he intends to couple this with a tax increase on the American people, then it is a non-starter.

"I applaud the president's call for fiscal responsibility, and I could not agree more. However, these are mere words until we make the difficult choices necessary to begin paying off our enormous national debt. Calling it an investment does not change the fact it is nothing more than new spending that our nation cannot afford. The American people sent a clear message last November that they want spending to be cut, not frozen at the current, inflated levels like the president suggested tonight. We must stop the out-of-control spending in Washington or our economy will be no better off, and future generations will suffer the consequences.

"Lastly, I am proud of our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have done a tremendous job in difficult circumstances, and they deserve all the support we can give them - both while they are serving on active duty, and when they return home from combat."