Senator Burr Statement on the Unanimous Rejection of the President’s Budget Proposal

Today, U.S. Senator Richard Burr issued the following statement regarding the Senate's 99-0 vote against the President's federal budget proposal:

"Despite our troubled economy and our $15 trillion national debt, President Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to propose a responsible federal budget. Today, the Senate voted unanimously against the President's budget proposal which failed to rein in spending and reduce the national debt, imposed taxes that would have inhibited economic growth, ignored the pending insolvency of Medicare and Social Security, and used budget gimmicks to create the illusion of savings.

"Merely voting down this destructive proposal is not enough, however. We made a promise to the American people who elected us into the Senate to do our jobs, yet it has been over three years since the Democrat controlled Senate passed a budget. This is inexcusable. A responsible budget is a vital first step toward getting our economy back on track and reducing our massive debt. American families understand that times are tough, and they are making sacrifices in order to make ends meet. The federal government, on the other hand, continues to spend like there is no tomorrow. We need a serious budget that will tackle our economic crisis, work towards job creation, and provide for the security of future generations, not more of the same inaction and lack of resolve."