Senator Burr Statement on the White House’s Nomination for the Eastern District Judge

WASHINGTON –Today, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) made the following statement on the announcement that the President nominated Patricia Timmons-Goodson to serve on the Eastern District Court of North Carolina:

“Several years ago, when this seat first became vacant, I worked with former Senator Kay Hagan, other interested members of Congress, and the President to fill the vacancy in the Eastern District. After the agreement had been made, the President declined to honor it. I remain disappointed that the President broke our agreement. I’m even more disappointed that the White House has chosen to double down by making a brazenly political nomination, and without consulting either of North Carolina’s Senators.  This is particularly discouraging considering my long history of working with and supporting President Obama’s nominations in North Carolina.  I supported, and in some cases even recommended for consideration, the President’s nominations of Judge Loretta Biggs, Judge Catherine Eagles, Judge James Wynn, Judge Max Cogburn and Judge Albert Diaz.  I have always worked in good faith with the White House on North Carolina nominees, and expect the same respect in return.  It is regrettable that the White House has chosen a different path.  This transparent attempt to turn the Eastern District vacancy into an election season stunt is unacceptable, and I will not support a new nomination in North Carolina from this Administration.”