Senator Burr Votes to End Common Core Mandate in Education Conference Vote, Fights for $24 Million to NC Schools

WASHINGTON – Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) today voted to approve the conference report for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). ESEA will end the unpopular No Child Left Behind Program, Common Core mandate and will also revamp education programs across the country. The conference report takes dramatic steps away from Washington's ever-growing influence in K-12 education by empowering teachers and principals to make better education choices on behalf of students.

The report includes language sponsored by Burr that will fix an inequity in federal education funding that for 15 years has not only shortchanged North Carolina’s teachers and schools, but also the low-income students they serve across our state. The funding fix will add $24 million each year for school programs.

“This legislation finally ends Washington’s Common Core mandate,” said Sen. Burr. “I look forward to local communities and schools again taking the lead in educating children, as opposed to the Washington bureaucracies that flourished over fifteen years under both No Child Left Behind and the Obama Administration's waivers.  Additionally, low-income students in North Carolina stand to see a significant increase of 47%, up to $24 million per year, in education funding via an updated Title II program. After years of pretending to steer limited federal dollars to our poorest children, we are now actually getting that funding into the communities that need it most.”

Senator Burr’s Title II funding alignment passed through Committee in March 2015. The conference report will now go before the Senate and House for a final vote before going to the President.