Senator Burr's Fourth of July Message

On Independence Day we remember what our Founding Fathers accomplished 239 years ago by signing their names to the Declaration of Independence.  Their bravery and commitment to freedom and independence created this great country, and they provided the foundation for the liberties we enjoy everyday. 
With freedom comes great responsibility, and the debates in Washington over the past few months continue to focus on issues important to all Americans.  From the defense of our nation to the care of our most vulnerable, there is much going on in Washington that affects you and your family.
Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said “[w]here liberty dwells, there is my county.” In my career as a public servant, I have sought to empower North Carolinians to take back control of their choices. Liberty is one of the greatest treasures our Founding Fathers gave us and we must do everything we can to continue protect it.
As you celebrate with friends and family today, please take the time to think of those before us and those who continue to defend us, our freedoms, and our way of life.