Senator Burr's Statement on the Dire Need for the Senate to Pass an Annual Budget

In case you missed it, Senator Burr released the below statement on the need for the Senate to pass an annual budget on his Facebook page this morning.


"Despite being one of our primary responsibilities, today marks the 999th day since the Senate passed an annual budget to fund the federal government. This is simply unconscionable. Annual budgets are absolutely vital to get our fiscal house in order, rein in government spending, and put our economy back on the right track. In the meantime, Congress has passed stop-gap spending bills that are simply not far reaching enough to address our nation's fiscal crisis and our out-of-control spending habits.

"I feel so seriously about this issue that I signed on as a cosponsor of the No Budget No Pay Act, a bipartisan bill introduced by Senator Dean Heller. This bill would stop pay to members of Congress if they do not pass a budget on time each year. Like American families know, paychecks have to be earned, and if Congress can't live up to its responsibilities and pass a budget they don't deserve to be paid. It is that simple."