Tax Day Statement

Senator Richard Burr released the below statement on tax day on his Facebook page this morning.http://www.facebook.com/SenatorRichardBurr

"Each year, tax day serves as a harsh reminder of our broken tax code and the punitive nature of our tax system. The process of filing taxes is overly complicated, and the tax code as a whole is unpredictable and uncertain, making it extremely difficult for families and businesses to budget for the years ahead. In order to encourage economic prosperity and spur job creation, we must simplify the tax code so that all individuals and all businesses play by the same rules and have a clear idea what their tax burden will look like down the road.

"Political gimmicks such as the Buffett Tax will do little to reduce our national debt or put Americans back to work, but they will place additional burdens on job creators and further complicate our tax code. Instead of raising taxes on investors who help create jobs, we must focus our efforts on overhauling the tax code to make it easier for entrepreneurs to take risks, businesses to grow and create jobs, and families to invest in their future."