Text of Letter to Governor Easley

Dear Governor Easley,

Thank you for writing to us concerning the Navy's proposed outlying landing field and the conclusions of the Study Group you commissioned earlier this year.

While we agree with your assessment that North Carolina residents and officials in potentially impacted areas are overwhelmingly opposed to an OLF, we disagree with your view that the best course of action is now for the congressional delegation to recommend that the Navy develop yet another list of potential locations-- in addition to the 21 sites it is currently considering for an OLF.

Last spring, public meetings in eastern North Carolina clearly demonstrated that most residents have well-founded concerns that an OLF would dramatically change the character of their communities, affect the local economy and impact quality of life. And, as you know, both of us opposed the Site C for an OLF because we believe the local communities could not support the proposed site. In response to the opposition to Site C, you volunteered to work personally with the Navy to develop potential alternate sites, using new selection criteria. This collaborative effort between your administration and the Navy produced six new proposals for OLF sites. As expected, these sites have been rejected by residents and local officials.

We believe your Administration should continue its work with the Navy to come up with a site that has the support of the local community and meets the needs of the United States military. This lengthy process has been difficult on many North Carolinians, and we hope you would agree that our state is best served by a timely resolution to this matter.